Who we are

Tinh Thuong Foundation is a charitable organisation concerned with alleviating the impact of poverty and disadvantage faced by individuals and families living in Viet Nam. We recognise and prioritise invalid veterans of the Republic of South Viet Nam. Our aim is to support those living in poverty and disadvantage so that they can access and participate in the social and economic life of Viet Nam.

Tình Thương Foundation một tổ chức từ thiện liên quan với giảm các tác dụng của đói nghèo hoàn cảnh khó khăn với các nhân gia đình tại Việt Nam. Chúng ta nhận ra ưu tiên thương phế binh Cộng Hoà miền Nam Việt Nam.

Mục đích của Tình Thương Foundation hỗ trợ những người sống trong nghèo đói bất lợi để họ thể truy cập tham gia vào đời sống kinh tế hội của Việt Nam.

OUR PRACTICES are based on compassion, volunteering and accountability.

Thực hành của Tình Thương Foundation được dựa trên lòng từ bi, tình nguyện trách nhiệm giải trình.

We are governed by a Board of Directors, whilst our day to day operations are managed by an Executive Team working closely with volunteers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Viet Nam. We are all volunteers contributing over 2000 hours annually to raise, manage and distribute funds to our beneficiaries.


Tuyen Dang (founding member)

Hung Chau (founding member)

Thanh Le (joined 2011)

Company Secretary: Minh T. T. Nguyen (founding member)

President: Chau Nguyen (appointed 2011)

Treasurer: Thu T. T. Nguyen (appointed 2006)

Tình Thương Foundation được Ban Giám Đốc quản , cùng ban điều hành quản làm việc chặt chẽ với các tình nguyện viên tại Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane Việt Nam.  Chúng tôi tình nguyện viên đóng góp hơn 2,000 giờ mỗi năm để gây quỹ, quản phân phối tiền cho người nhận của chúng tôi.

Our achievements 

From our small beginnings in 2004, when we helped 114 invalid veterans, we have helped over 1000 invalid veterans over the years. Throughout this period, we have worked hard to build relationships with donors, volunteers and the Vietnamese community to ensure that our organization continue to deliver hope and support to our Beneficiaries.

We have introduced programs that build financial independence and sustainability for our Beneficiaries, such as cow bank project. Through commitment from major donors, we are implementing an education support fund to provide education opportunities for invalid veterans and Beneficiaries’ families who could not afford to keep their children in primary and high schools. Investing in financial capacity building and education means that we expand our support from the provision of financial aid, and working with Beneficiaries and their families to achieve longer-term outcomes for themselves and their families.

We achieved all this through the work of our members, volunteers and donors. As an organization based solely on volunteer workforce, we are immeasurably grateful to the countless hours every individual volunteer has given to our organization. Although our core group of members is relatively small, we have been able to call on the help of volunteers at crucial fundraising events, and it is through their efforts that we continue to enjoy the patronage of the Vietnamese community.